A Challenge For Change

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Celebrating women's day made easy!
Introducing “A Challenge for Change!”

We are thrilled to offer a unique training session for your firm/organisation - one hour fun-filled and inspirational session for all staff (or for only women staff) to celebrate international women's day 2021 all through March. This will be conducted online via the zoom platform.

Resource Persons:

Priyanka Joseph, Professional Counselor & Trainer Dolphy Biswas, Trainer & Social Sector Specialist
The team behind Anushya comes with over 10 years of experience in providing solutions for corporates to build a culture of Safety and Equality.

Online Booking form:

Or contact Ms. Joy C. Rajarathnam for booking a session and financials for each session :

Call: 9840798734

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Awareness Campaigns

Campaigns addressing specific issues surrounding mental health are a great way to raise awareness. Conducting activities,polls, online interactive elements are shown to raise awareness and break stigma attached to mental health.

Workshops & Seminars

Diversity & Inclusion, Mentally Healthy Teams, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Building a Culture of Equality at Work.

One on one

One-on-one counseling, Psychometric assessments, Executive Coaching for Women in Leadership.