Strive For A Safe And Equal World

Who We Are

Anushya is a unique enterprise with a vision to promote, equip and build wholistic individuals, teams, and communities in all spheres of life - professional, social, and cultural.

We are committed to bridging the gender gap in leadership and entrepreneurial roles by building environments that support the collective responsibility of men and women working together for a safe and equal world.


To equip individuals to reach their full potential.
To build healthy teams that work together for greater productivity, growth & success
To ensure inclusivity, safety and equality for all.


Such a positive experience !

To say that counselling helped me, would be a huge understatement. Priyanka always made me feel comfortable through uncomfortable conversations and through my rough days. Although therapy is a slow process, I have realised that its effects last a lifetime. Priyanka’s work with me has not only brought about a huge change in my life but the ones around me as well, and I am grateful for having such a positive experience through counselling


What we do

Building Effective Teams

Building Effective Teams

Anushya has been helping organisations and institutions stay engaged with their mission by offering practical and relevant training. Anushya equips firms, institutions, and organisations to build EFFECTIVE teams, MOTIVATED individuals, and an EQUAL environment where everyone can reach their true potential with a specialty in Training and Mental Health Services.

Ensuring Mental Health

Ensuring Mental Health and Well-being

Our mental health services ensure the overall effectiveness of individuals and teams through one-on-one counseling services as well as specialised mental health awareness workshops.

Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

Anushya also specialises in the empowerment of women and is committed to enabling working women to achieve their dreams by breaking barriers and biases that restrict them. We are committed to coming alongside organisations in creating a culture of safety for women and girls. We work closely with the Staff welfare, the Gender and Inclusivity departments of firms and organisations ensuring compliance to P.O.S.H (Prevention of Sexual Harassment).



Anushya's profits support projects/programmes that empower adolescent girls rescued from human trafficking, abuse and neglect through rehabilitation programs, scholarships, skill training and mentoring.

Dark is BeautifulWomen Of Worth

Our Team

Kavitha Emmanuel

Kavitha Emmanuel started Anushya with a vision to promote, equip and build wholistic individuals, teams and communities in all spheres of life - professional, social, and cultural. She comes with over 15 years of training experience. Her training expertise are in the space of Diversity and Inclusion, Building a Culture of Equality, Coping with Unconscious Bias, and Breaking Barriers to Growth. She is a motivational speaker, mentor, and life coach with a demonstrated history of Social Activism and Public Speaking in the education and non-profit management industry.She founded the Women of Worth Movement to combat gender injustice and launched the globally acclaimed Dark is Beautiful campaign to address Colourism. She also serves in Internal Complaints Committees (ICC) of corporate firms.

Joy Rajarathnam

Director- Business Development
Started Anushya (along with Kavitha), driven by a vision for an equal and safe society for all. She has over 17 years in the field of Marketing and 15 plus years in the development sector handling Communications, Strategic planning, Event management and Public Relations .She serves on the Board of several nonprofits.

Dolphy Biswas

Associate Director
She has worked in the social development sector for the past 10 years, especially in rescuing victims of trafficking and working along with the law enforcement and judiciary to provide justice for the victims. She is passionate about social justice and equality. Lives in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Shalomie Tewes

Creative Director
Shalomie has a background in graphic design for advertising in the commercial and non-profit sectors for over 13 years and has worked with Anushya from it's inception. She manages all areas of design and communication.